Case Study: Hiring for High-Growth With a Rented Recruiter


The Result

How Tipalti, a post Series D start-up, partnered with Sales Talent Agency to make 25 hires in Vancouver.

The Challenge

Tipalti is an end-to-end accounts payable software that automates the entire supplier payments operation, making global mass B2B payments frictionless and efficient. Tipalti is one of the fastest-growing and most successful Fintech start-ups and helps some of the world’s hottest companies grow their global operations — such as Twitch, Twitter, IronSource, and Outbrain.

Tipalti had recently closed a Series D Round of funding, and, with that, hired a chief revenue officer to further grow their business. Its CRO wanted to double its sales org, which meant building out a sales team in Vancouver to support its team headquartered in California. With limited internal recruitment resources and network in the local Vancouver market, Tipalti recognized the need for support in finding, attracting, and hiring top sales talent for its open roles.

The Solution

In late 2019, Tipalti engaged Sales Talent Agency (STA) to help hire sales development representatives, account executives, SDR managers and sales managers for its Vancouver sales team. To get things started, STA connected with Tipalti’s hiring team to help them better understand the talent landscape and compensation ranges for the types of candidates they wanted to target and to get a better understanding of the scope of the project. 

With a solid understanding of the project, and key hires that needed to be made, the best solution for Tipalti’s hiring team was to partner with STA for 8 weeks using its Rent-A-Recruiter model. Why was the Rent-A-Recruiter a fit for Tipalti? It needed a cost-effective way to access an elite, skillfully trained, well-equipped recruitment professional that was 100% focused on its recruitment needs.

The partnership included a full-time STA recruiter that organized Tipalti’s entire recruitment process from start to finish including: headhunting and managing inbound applications, scheduling and coordinating interviews, and managing the initial offer process.

The Result

Sales Talent Agency moved quickly so that the hiring team at Tipalti could get the most out of their dedicated recruitment partner. Within 8 weeks, Tipalti was able to make 16 hires including 2 sales development reps, 12 account executives, and 2 sales managers – mission accomplished! 

In fact, this solution worked so well for Tipalti that it engaged Sales Talent Agency in July 2020 to partner with a dedicated recruiter for another 8 weeks. Through its second Rent-A-Recruiter, Tipalti was able to make 9 more hires including 7 sales development reps, 1 sales manager, and 1 sales operations manager. 

Tipalti has recently moved into Series E funding where it garnered a $150M USD investment led by Durable Capital Partners and are valued at approximately $2B USD. 

It continues to partner with Sales Talent Agency to hire and build out its Canadian and U.S. sales teams.

“Throughout the process, the Sales Talent Agency team were responsive, collaborative, had a great sense of humor and were subject matter experts in multiple instances. Sales Talent Agency was a vital partner and one whom we trusted to deliver exceptional results and they did not disappoint.”


– Jamie Alfaro, Talent Acquisition Manager at Tipalti