Case Study: Hiring for Non-Sales Hires with a Sales Recruitment Company

CLIENT: Moltex Energy

The Result

How Moltex Energy used an exclusive Sales Talent Agency recruiter to make specialized, non-sales hires. 

The Challenge

Moltex Energy is an international nuclear company that is solving the world’s most pressing challenge: safe and economical clean energy. Harnessing a major scientific breakthrough, they are developing radically better nuclear reactors to safely, cleanly, and economically power the planet in the 21st century. To date, they have raised more than $15M in funding and were most recently awarded $3.5M to advance reactor technology by the United States Department of Energy.

Moltex needed to hire for a wide scope of positions, including a Nuclear Physicist, Lead Chemist, Systems Engineer, and Vice President of Engineering. Not only was Moltex looking to make these senior-level hires, these hires also needed to have experience in the nuclear industry and be willing to relocate to New Brunswick, Canada. 

Due to the complex nature of their hiring needs, Moltex needed to work with expert headhunters for these positions and move quickly as these roles needed to be filled urgently.

The Solution

While Sales Talent Agency (STA) is known for helping companies hire their best sales, marketing, and technical sales talent, they have a highly transferable recruitment methodology that can be tailored to any hiring challenge.

The Moltex Energy team was impressed with STA’s ability to adapt to any recruitment challenge, and more specifically, their service that was designed for exactly this type of hiring situation: Rent-A-Recruiter.

Using this model, STA partnered exclusively with Moltex as a full-time employee for 8 weeks to help them build a robust candidate pipeline consisting of well-aligned candidates for their open roles. The goal for this partnership was to have 5 candidates presented to their hiring team, per week.

The Result

Throughout the 8 week Rent-A-Recruiter, STA worked quickly with Moltex to respond to their hiring needs. During that time, STA identified and reached out to 250 qualified candidates, screened 100+ for potential fit, and, ultimately, set up 41 interviews for Moltex’ hiring team. The goal of this project was to build a robust candidate pipeline within 8 weeks from which Moltex could fill their 4 critical roles.

To-date, Moltex has filled one critical role and is actively interviewing the candidates identified through this project for their other open roles.

“STA were a pleasure to deal with and understood our unique needs very quickly.”


– Rory O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, North America at Moltex Energy