Case Study: Hiring Senior Go-to-Market Talent in the United States


The Result

How NextRoll partnered with Sales Talent Agency to recruit sales and customer success talent for RollWorks to accelerate company growth in the US.

The Challenge

NextRoll, a marketing technology company delivering products that ambitious companies rely on to grow their businesses, employs more than 600 people. Many of these employees support RollWorks, which offers B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue.

To build on expanding business demand, NextRoll needed to quickly hire additional go-to-market talent within RollWorks. But, hiring proved to be a challenge. Senior customer success and sales talent were in low supply in a high-demand, candidate-led market, where on average there were five open opportunities for every available candidate.

NextRoll is also committed to bolstering its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, which include identifying and nurturing sources of diverse talent, fostering an inclusive work environment, and increasing the hiring rate of women across a variety of functions, so extra care needed to be put into the recruitment process. 

The Solution

NextRoll engaged Sales Talent Agency (STA) throughout 2021 to make key go-to-market hires for its RollWorks team, including customer success managers, strategic account managers, principal account managers, customer success managers, sales managers and a head of customer success. To get the project started, STA connected with RollWorks’ hiring team to get a better understanding of the ideal candidate profiles and the goals associated with each hire. 

STA learned that across all launched roles, there were specific competencies that candidates should possess to be successful. Ideally, each candidate would be a team player who would go the extra mile, be a strong communicator, and have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Past experience varied based on the role, but for each, the ideal candidate would have at least five years of relevant experience and a demonstrated understanding of leadership and business knowledge.

The solution to this recruitment challenge? A partnership with STA’s executive search and customer success divisions, who:

  • Connected with hiring managers and key stakeholders across RollWorks to learn about the team, the roles, the ideal candidate profiles, and the unique wants and needs of each stakeholder.
  • Researched the market, and determined the available candidate supply, typical compensation benchmarks, and the demand of RollWorks’ ideal candidate.
  • Thoughtfully positioned NextRoll as a top employer, and RollWorks as an innovative B2B account-based marketing platform, in all candidate marketing materials and communication.
  • Headhunted prolifically, both leveraging STA’s extensive network and through cold outreach to bring viable candidates into the mix.
  • Guided both RollWorks and candidates through the interview process, where candidates seamlessly met with 8-10 Rollers. And, ensured candidates had a great experience and felt supported.
  • Provided strategic support to both RollWorks and candidates at play, and helped structure, submit, and negotiate offers.

The Result

Sales Talent Agency worked quickly to find and attract candidates for RollWorks’ 10 critical recruitment projects. From launch to close, placements took anywhere from 41 to 93 days to fill, and NextRoll was able to strategically make 8 hires from 72 candidates presented, including: two principal account managers, two customer success managers, two strategic account managers, one sales manager and a head of customer success.

“We were in a situation where we needed to supplement my team while maintaining our high standards. Netty and the STA team understood our priorities and adapted their process to meet our needs. Together, we hired a diverse group of Rollers and met our hiring goals.” 


Jody Atkins, VP Talent Acquisition, NextRoll