Case Study: Hiring with an Exclusive STA Recruiter


The Result

How Clearco and Sales Talent Agency partnered to make key leadership hires

The Challenge

Clearco is a Toronto-based company that helps e-commerce start-ups raise capital through providing revenue based loans. Currently in a high-growth phase, it plans to invest $1 billion in 2,000 companies in 2019. Due to this growth, Clearco was looking to expand its team, however, this proved to be a challenge as its recruitment team was capped.

The Solution

With the mandate of growing its sales team to 85 reps before the end of the year, Clearco engaged Sales Talent Agency to help them with the recruitment of sales leaders to help manage this team.

Its leadership wishlist? Sales rockstars that have led top-performing tech-hunter sales teams, have experienced high-growth with a company, and have humble, authentic and relentless selling techniques.

The solution was the Rent-A-Recruiter Product, where an exclusive Sales Talent Agency Agent was contracted out to Clearco for a specific period of time. This allowed it to open up a larger pool of talent; of which Clearco had full ownership of, to allocate more time to the search, and engage with a higher volume of candidates. The primary focus was to find a director of sales, business development managers and account executive managers.

The Result

Sales Talent Agency worked quickly with Clearco to respond to its scaling sales team. Due to the exclusive nature of the project, in just 4 weeks 200 candidates were contacted, 100 were engaged, 40 were shortlisted, 20 were interviewed and 6 leaders were hired.

“Working with rent-a-recruiter was instrumental in our ability to acquire the best leadership talent for our team and ultimately meet our incredible growth and revenue targets.”


– Stephen Defina, Vice President of Sales at Clearco