Case Study: Hiring Your First VP of Sales Engineering


The Result

How Versapay partnered with Sales Talent Agency to hire its first Vice President of Sales Engineering.

The Challenge

Versapay is the leading provider of cloud-based invoice-to-cash solutions. Its technology allows its clients to offer superior customer experience by accelerating cash conversion, reducing costs, and eliminating paper, checks, and manual business processes. Versapay is the only company that offers a solution that goes beyond improving workflow and puts its customers’ clients front of mind, which has resulted in the organization garnering over half a million customers on the platform.  

In early 2020, Versapay was acquired by a growth-oriented private equity firm, Great Hill Partners. After the acquisition, Versapay’s growth quickly skyrocketed 50% year-over-year. However, Versapay was missing a key component of its sales organization: a senior leader in a Sales Engineering capacity. In order to continue on its unparalleled growth trajectory throughout 2021, it was imperative for Versapay to hire a Sales Engineering leader that had experience working for a fast-growing company and could scale a high-performing Sales Engineering team.

The Solution

In early 2021, Versapay engaged Sales Talent Agency (STA) to help make this key Sales Engineering (SE) leader hire. To get things started, STA consulted with Versapay’s hiring team to better understand the ideal candidate profile for its SE leader and the challenges that were being faced by its current SE team. 

After engaging with Versapay’s hiring team, it was clear that their ideal candidate profile was complex. They needed to make a hire that had scaled high-performing Sales Engineering teams in the FinTech space, by which they could reduce sales cycles, increase win rates, create value-driven sales processes, and be truly elite in coaching their SE team to success.

The solution to this recruitment challenge? A retained partnership with Sales Talent Agency’s Technical Sales Division. STA’s expertise in the Sales Engineering space allowed them to:

  • Create the ideal candidate profile Versapay needed to hire
  • Create an interview process that would qualify candidates to ensure proper alignment with the ICP
  • Quickly identify and connect with candidates that matched the ICP
  • Expertly qualify those candidates on their leadership skills, product/industry knowledge, and cultural fit
  • And provide strategic support throughout the process to Versapay’s hiring team and the candidates in play

The Result

Sales Talent Agency worked quickly with Versapay to respond to its critical hiring needs. Within 10 days, 9 qualified candidates were presented to its hiring team, and within 6 weeks they hired a Vice President of Sales Engineering that was a perfect match for Versapay’s products and vendors. 

Versapay continues to partner with Sales Talent Agency to hire and build out its sales teams.

“STA acted as a true partner on this project, taking the time to understand our business and identifying a candidate whose industry expertise will help us scale. I would not hesitate to recommend Sales Talent Agency to any organization looking to grow their technical sales team and I look forward to working with them in the future.”


-Jason Read, Chief Strategy Officer at Versapay