Case Study: Launching in a new market


The Result

How Sales Talent Agency helped Peninsula launch and dominate the Canadian market in just 11 months

The Challenge

Peninsula is a global leader that provides HR, employment relations and health & safety solutions to over 50,000 businesses across three continents. In response to the company’s continued success, executives set their sights on expanding into a brand new market: Canada. But, according to the Harvard Business Review, this venture is “tougher than it looks; three-quarters of the time, the effort fails”. The team at Peninsula looked for expert help, having limited knowledge of the Canadian employment market and very little brand awareness and network in the country.

The Solution

In early 2017, Peninsula engaged Sales Talent Agency, Canada’s leader in sales recruitment, to help build the company’s entire sales team—including both inside and outside sales representatives, and sales managers. Across all roles, Peninsula looked for highly driven and self-motivated people. The company focuses on providing solutions, so its sales team had to be bright and curious about developing expertise in the HR space. 

Since it was under strict timelines and had high growth expectations, Peninsula and Sales Talent Agency arranged to hold candidate presentations in 3-6 business days and to have 10 interviews booked per week. STA’s knowledge of the Canadian market and expertise in the field ultimately enabled it to build the exact candidate profiles to deliver the necessary talent.


The Result

Over the past year, Sales Talent Agency has worked with Peninsula to respond quickly to its massive Canadian growth. STA presented 258 candidates during this time, leading to 233 interviews and 48 hires. The successful candidates have since generated over 1,000 clients for the Canadian leg of the company—with 7 staff members being promoted within the year.

Peninsula continues to work with Sales Talent Agency to hire more salespeople for its Canadian team.

“Working with STA has been an amazing experience! Most of our top performers have come from them.”


– Nick Babington, Vice President at Peninsula Canada

Since this case study, Sales Talent Agency and Peninsula continue to partner on recruitment projects