Case Study: Scaling a Series A Company with Five Key Go-To-Market Hires


The Result

From a director of customer experience to a business development representative, Altrio partnered with Sales Talent Agency to hire top talent to build its go-to-market team after raising its Series A funding.

The Challenge

Altrio is a SaaS company founded by two successful entrepreneurs with proven experience scaling software companies, and its platform helps real estate investors and managers achieve their goals and enjoy their work by making their jobs easier. Its main product, Origin, is a powerful, data-driven real estate deal management platform that now supports 2 out of the 3 largest real estate investors in the world.

In May 2022, Altrio secured its Series A funding of $7.27 million, and in order to fuel this growth, it needed to expand its go-to-market team and footprint in Canada. To do this, it planned to make strategic hires, including a director of customer experience, a sales engineer, two account executives and a business development representative.

With only a handful of sales hires at the company, it was important that these candidates would be able to quickly ramp up and set a winning tone, but hiring for these roles proved to be challenging. Altrio didn’t have the internal capacity to find and attract a pipeline of elite candidates for each of these varied roles, and as such, it recognized its need to outsource support to hire the best candidates in the market.

The Solution

Mid-2022, Altrio engaged Sales Talent Agency (STA) to help find, attract, and hire top go-to-market talent to build its sales division. To start the process, STA spoke to key stakeholders at Altrio to learn the scope of the project and the ideal candidate profiles for each search.

Besides being driven, curious and emotionally intelligent, each role had their own set of requirements essential for success, so there wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to find and attract the hires Altrio needed to make.

Instead, the solution was to utilize STA’s key recruitment divisions, including its junior search, core sales recruitment, technical sales, customer success and executive search specialties. Each recruitment division is designed to consult hiring teams on the specific roles they are/should be hiring for, is expertly trained in identifying top talent in their respective areas, and has a direct network of highly qualified candidates.




To find, attract, and help Altrio hire for this wide range of roles, each assigned member of STA’s recruitment team:

  • Built a customized pipeline of candidates using STA’s extensive talent network, supplemented with cold contacting elite candidates.
  • Used STA’s unique DNA/PRO™ methodology to identify quality candidates and present them to the hiring team.
  • Positioned Altrio as a top employer in all materials and correspondence with candidates, and provided recommendations for competitive compensation structures.
  • Helped facilitate offers and acceptances when it was time, which included handling all compensation negotiations.

The Result

Through its partnership with STA, Altrio successfully hired a director of customer experience, a sales engineer, two account executives, and a business development representative. There were 483 candidates initially contacted across all roles, sourced either through STA’s network or cold outreach, 186 of which were screened for quality. 45 of these candidates were then presented to the hiring team, which led to five key hires being made to successfully build the go-to-market team.

“With aggressive hiring goals across multiple departments and geographies while running a lean team with no internal talent folks, it was critical for Altrio to find the right talent partner. We turned to STA because of their expertise and reputation, and it was certainly the right choice. Working with STA was a great experience – they are professional, transparent, efficient, and yielded great results on time and on budget. Working with STA is highly recommended!


Josh Guttman, Chief Revenue Officer, Altrio