DNA/PRO™ our candidate assessment methodology

DNA/PRO™ is not a style of interviewing or an online assessment. It is the six critical things an employer should be assessing in order to make a great sales hire at any career level. DNA refers to the talent a person has that ensures sales success; PRO digs into the job-readiness of a candidate based on past work experience.

Every candidate represented by Sales Talent Agency has been assessed with DNA/PRO™ top of mind, and we encourage our clients to continue to explore these important areas throughout their candidate assessment process, no matter what interviewing tools and techniques they use.

What makes a great salesperson?



The ability to consistently meet goals through hard-work and resiliency

Goal Setting + Work Ethic + Resilience



A likeable personality founded on strong emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence + Integrity



A bright and curious mind likely to build to “expert” status  

Intelligence + Focused Curiosity



A track record of measured success

Measured Proof



A background that aligns with the role

Fast Ramp-Up


Opportunity Management

Good career decision making with minimal red flags

5+ Year Potential

DNA/PRO™ in effect

How our proprietary methodology helped our client make their best sales hires to date

Great salespeople make a big difference. Sales Talent Agency helped Thomson Reuters find some of their very best.


This search was not about casting a wide net, rather specifically engaging highly qualified candidates that embodied the client's distinct profile for each role. Because the potential candidate pool for each role was relatively small, each qualified person contacted was treated as a critical engagement using DNA/PRO™, with our team meticulously positioning Thomson Reuters as an elite employer with all of the career benefits that entails.

STA’s candidates were not just a great fit at the time but are continuously thriving 3+ years later.

Use DNA/PRO™ to choose your next sales rockstar