Fees and Offerings

We offer a range of services to help our clients make their best sales hires

1-time Payment on Start Date

We find you great candidates, and you only pay for the ones you hire. Fees are based on a percentage of your hire's guaranteed income*, and every hire comes with a guarantee! Discounts apply with volume.

12 Monthly Payments

Unique to Sales Talent Agency, this option allows you 12 equal monthly payments that start on day 1 of employment. If the candidate's employment ends, you stop paying! Fees are based on your hire's salary.


Need to build a whole sales team? HirePacks offer big discounts based on a volume commitment. The hires can be made in any location, but must be the same job-type and have salaries under $55,000.



Gives your sales managers and recruiters some serious support. We provide a constant pipeline of quality candidates year-round! Our team will book the best sales people on the market directly into their calendar on a schedule they decide.


Project Recruitment

Got a lot of sales hires to make? Tell us your sales recruitment goals with timelines, and we will build a custom project plan and quote based on hours of work. This is the best value option we have!


Thinking of hiring an internal recruiter? Rent an expertly trained Sales Talent Agent instead. They are equipped with the best recruiter tools and are closely managed to ensure quality of work.


GCSC - Annual Sponsorship

Looking to hire bright, enthusiastic and hungry new graduates? As a sponsor of the Great Canadian Sales Competition (GCSC), Canada's biggest student competition, your company and sales leaders will engage with more than 2,200 university and college students all looking to launch their careers.


Best Practices for Recruitment

A customized workshop that teaches sales and business leaders best practices for sales recruitment strategy, and reviews some of your company's current practices to identify immediate opportunities for improvement. (1-4 hours)

* “Guaranteed income” includes the base salary and guaranteed income for the 1st year of employment
based on the employment contract; does not include performance-based bonuses or commissions

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