Peymaneh Chychi

Account Director, Vancouver

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I will never forget the day I decided I was going to become a corporate lawyer. From a young age it was all I ever talked about and a goal that I would absolutely achieve – right?! Fast forward 10 years to when I landed my first sales role with Rogers – I still remember the thrill I would get from working with customers! While in post-secondary, I worked full-time managing two of Canada’s top men’s formal wear stores, as well as Canada’s largest bridal store. Quotas were high and I loved the pressure and satisfaction of beating them! And so, before the time came for me to decide between a career in law or sales – one had already chosen me!

My professional sales career began with Sales Talent Agency in 2011, when Jamie Scarborough hired me for a three month apprenticeship. Later, I joined a global software company that was looking to enter the Vancouver market for a second time. This was my first exposure into SaaS and the world of technology – I was making upwards of ninety cold calls a day, booking twelve demos and constantly on the go! In 2012, HQ announced that they would be closing their operations in Western Canada and redirecting their efforts to Eastern Canada. Having worked right next door to STA, I knew their team would help me find amazing opportunities - little did I know that it would be with them! When I was approached by Jamie with the idea of rejoining Sales Talent Agency, I knew that it was the right move for me!   

I love working for a company that shares my values, creativity and the desire to offer more than just a service. We pride ourselves on being the best in our industry, subject-matter experts, who intend on shaping the future of recruitment – and that is something I’m passionate about.        

I guess you could say that while law was my first love, sales became my soul mate, and now I’m married to recruitment!

I look forward to helping you with your next hire!

For the love of sales!


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