Asad Zaman

Chief Executive Officer, North America, Europe & APAC

My second day of working in a sales job was one that I will probably never forget because it was the day when I truly fell in love with sales. I was selling lawn aeration door to door and on my second day I set a new company-wide record and pocketed what I would normally make in 2 weeks. I loved connecting with people and selling to them, I loved competing with others and I loved the fact that the harder I worked the better the reward was – that’s when I realized that I had found what I really loved doing. 

Since then I have been rather entrepreneurial, having opened 3 companies before joining Sales Talent Agency. As an entrepreneur I have always been accustomed to wearing many different hats but through all 3 ventures I have been the head of sales and marketing. These ventures also gave me exposure to hiring, training and managing workforces of up to 15 people at a time. I learned that hiring the right person can be the difference between a company being good or great, and also how expensive one wrong hire can be. This is the truest when it comes to sales.

It was time for me to look for a new and exciting challenge to take on and that is when I found Sales Talent Agency and met with Jamie and Sonya. The value proposition thrilled me because helping companies hire sales talent was something my experiences had prepared me well for. I greatly respect the fact that the right sales team can catapult a company to the next level which is why I am excited to help companies find the best employees and help individuals find jobs where they can truly excel.

For the love of sales!