Audrey Bell


Since I was young, I have always been a curious, talkative, competitive, and outgoing individual. Growing up, I would have to make a new friend at every chance I had, ask every question that popped into my head, and spent hours learning every detail about whatever subject caught my attention that day just so I could teach everyone about it later. These characteristics have remained with me as I have gone through school and now begun my career in the recruitment world.  I am lucky to say that these attributes led me to recruitment, and from my first day at my very first internship, I fell in love with it!

In the next couple of months, I am finishing up my Bachelor of Science degree at Queen’s University, studying Life Sciences while simultaneously taking courses in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. One of my passions in life is medicine and human physiology, which is what influenced me into going to study Life Sciences. Today, I still keep up to date with emerging medical technologies as well as spread awareness for medical injustices faced by various comminutes.

My time at Queen’s has taught me a lot, not only in my classes, but about hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. I have always been a ‘people person’, and now can combine this part of my personality with these skills to be used in my work. Queen’s has given me a lot more than academics, it gave me lifelong friends and experiences that have shaped me into the happy and outgoing person I am today. 

Right before the pandemic began (actually the very day before!), I had interviewed for my first ‘grown up’ job, which was for a recruitment summer intern. Previously, I had only worked part-time as a cashier at Loblaws or as a counsellor at the over-night camp I grew up attending. Both of these jobs I loved, mainly because one of the primary parts of the job was interacting with people all day. Going into that first internship, I had no idea what to expect of recruitment, nor did I really know much about it. But like I said, I immediately fell in love. Not a day went by that I was not happy or even excited to log into work. I was also fortunate to have worked in such a supportive and welcoming environment, the very same impression I got of Sales Talent Agency from my first initial phone screen. Now with my graduation in the near future and beginning my journey with Sales Talent Agency, I could not be more excited for all that will come with this opportunity.