Cole Denning

Recruitment Project Analyst, Toronto

t. 416-304-9823 EXT. 2060

After working a sales job in high school, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with people. It was so satisfying to me knowing I solved a customer’s problem. When it came time to decide on post-secondary schooling, I went to university with the intention of following in my mom’s footsteps; being a teacher. I wanted to teach because it would be a rewarding experience and I would get to work with people every single day. So, that is exactly what I did. However, about halfway through my coursework, I realized that something was missing for me. I loved constantly striving for goals – and though teaching is both rewarding and with people, it does not provide the thrill of meeting new and ever-changing objectives. Because of this, I decided to make a change and switched to Western University’s Management program. There I expanded my acumen and found a passion for the business world. It was the right call for me.

While at Western I met some great people and worked for the university setting up events. These events ranged from student meetups to concerts with headliners such as The Arkells. I also played some intramural sports like basketball and handball. In basketball, as a 5’9 point guard, I would be described as “a decent player” and an “inconsistent perimeter threat”. Despite this, I always played hard and had a bunch of fun with my teammates. I have grown to really love sports and am always happy to debate different sports topics. 

After graduating, friends recommended that I consider becoming a recruiter. This ultimately brought me to Sales Talent Agency. For me, this is an awesome experience that meets everything I am looking for: a rewarding, people-oriented, and constantly engaging occupation. I look forward to getting started on this new adventure!

For the love of sales!