Danielle Buchmayer

Senior Account Manager, Toronto

I have held a few different roles, starting with teaching swimming lessons at the YMCA to working in customer service roles in hospitality, administration as well as working as a server in the restaurant industry.

After completing my Degree in Psychology at Laurentian University, I knew my passion is working with people. I wanted to further understand human nature and continue to make meaningful, long-term connections.

After graduating I still wasn’t set on exactly what I wanted to do. This led me to work as a server at a restaurant for many years. I learned so much in this industry about communication and motivation as well as learning a lot about myself. After learning all I could in this industry I decided to go back to school to study Human Resources Business Management.  

The greatest part of this program was the recruitment course, I was instantly intrigued and captured by the possibilities a career in recruitment could have. I felt this is finally something interactive, exciting, people- ordinated and something I am extremely suited for.

This leads me to here, in this new chapter with Sales Talent Agency. I am excited to be able to truly make a difference in our clients’ lives and be a part of such a driven and talented team!

For the love of sales!