Dean Mitchell

Managing Director , UK/Europe

I’ve always had exposure to sales in some form, even from early childhood and paying my way through university buying and selling cars. On that note, my Dad was very entrepreneurial and built his own car sales business. From him, I learned the need for drive, commitment, and focus, essential traits to be effective and successful in any sales role. My Mum also worked in sales, for a major UK clothing chain. From her, I learned the need for empathy, resiliency, continuous learning, and effective communication – again all critical skills in any form of sales. 

My more formal career path has included book publishing, real estate, and finally, my current 14 year stretch in recruitment, which really started in Canada. All my jobs have had a sales focus, and increasingly over the years a leadership function. Throughout my years in recruitment, there has also been an increasing focus on technology & software as a vertical as well. 

My journey with Sales Talent Agency has been a phenomenal one so far. I feel very fortunate to work with such a dynamic, driven, collaborative, and fun bunch of work colleagues at all levels. Our team and culture is a critical part of our success as a boutique recruitment agency. It was a major factor in getting through COVID in 2020 as well. Over the years, I’ve progressed from an Account Executive to Account Director and now to Managing Director in 2021, opening up new geographic markets in the UK and Europe for STA. Helping UK/European companies expand into North America. Also, the reverse, helping North American companies expanding into the UK (initially) with top sales talent. I’ve come back full circle to the UK (via Canada). I’m still using the skills and traits for success, I learned from my parents, many many years ago.   

For the love of sales!