Haris Zeljkovic


While attending the University of Western Ontario, I completed my Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies in Global Commerce. I was juggling 3 jobs to alleviate the pressure of dreaded student loans. These jobs included catering at the Great Hall, a Mobile Specialist at Best Buy Mobile and refereeing for the Ontario Soccer Association.  These work experiences led me to my discovery of my passion for working with people. At the Great Hall, I enjoyed the team setting I was surrounded by when working under pressure.  I was highly motivated to sell customers on new cell phone features and plans adjusted to their needs.  I also learned to keep my patience and composure while 22 players and their respective coaches on the soccer pitch continuously shouted REF! REF!  Throughout this I realized that I was always actively engaged with people and I began to focus my efforts on choosing a career path that inspires integrity, competence, trust, and professionalism.

By the time my fourth year of University had come around, I had discovered my natural talent and interests.  I was always assessing customer needs and delivering unique sales catered to those needs.  My quick ability to build rapport and trusting relationships while utilizing humour appropriately sparked my search towards a career that would utilize my talents and help me grow both personally and professionally.   

I connected with a member of the Sales Talent Agency team on LinkedIn and began my process of joining this organization. Between the friendly and cohesive environment, open and honest communication and unique interview process, I knew this was a company that I wanted to represent to kick off the start to my career. 

For the love of sales!