Jen Linker

Executive Search Consultant , Toronto

I wanted to be in sales ever since I sold my first knife. It was summer after spending an exchange semester in Australia, and I was trying to save up money for school. One day my Dad sat down beside me and said that he thought I should pursue a career in sales. This advice meant a lot given that he built his career in sales and it also made sense since my entire family is in sales.

As soon as I graduated from university I started looking for a sales position. I instantly fell in love and was promoted to an Account Executive within the first year. What I love the most about sales is feeling like I’m helping people. There isn’t a better feeling when you know that a product or solution could truly benefit a person or company.

After contemplating my career, I decided that I wanted a position that combined people and a tangible product/solution. I chose to switch my career into recruitment because I knew that I would find fulfilment in this industry.

My goal as a Senior Executive Search Associate is to help top talent find fulfilling, engaging, and rewarding jobs. I want to continue to build on the strong relationships I built over the years.

Looking forward to meeting or working with you in the future. 
For the love of sales!