Jordan Daniel


t. 416-304-9823 EXT. 2081

While attending Brock University for Business Administration, I received my first taste of the sales world as a Sales Representative. With hard work and a proven track record for consistent performance, I received the privilege of being promoted to the Recruitment Manager role and managing a great team of high performers sales recruiters. In the years that followed, I was fortunate to move into roles that allowed me the opportunity to find passion and success in 3 main areas, Team Management, Client Relations, and Sales Recruitment. I feel that within these areas I am able to excel and perform at an elite level. These roles have also allowed me the opportunity to travel across Canada and into the US (love Dallas, TX; Go Cowboys!).

I am, and have always been a big sports fan! Hockey, Golf, Football, Baseball..the list goes on! I love to play, watch, bet, fantasy sports. If there is a net or racket or ball involved, count me in! This love of sports has given me my competitiveness and fondness for teamwork. When not in the office, you can find me on the dock up north with a bucket of Coors Lights and a magazine enjoying the sun!

Looking ahead at this next chapter of my career, I am excited to find myself joining the Sales Talent Agency Family! I look forward to my continued development and growth with Canada’s top sales recruitment agency and to learn alongside the best!

For the love of sales!