Julie Leal


I remember searching through a career guide book while still in High School and human resources really appealed to me! I would get to help businesses create and maintain a prosperous environment through their most valuable resource: people. So I decided to take HR in school and quickly realized that recruiting would be the path to take.

Working as an HR Assistant in the sports and entertainment industry, I got my first taste of recruiting. I was so nervous during my first interview that the candidate had to pull me through it! I felt such a buzz after filling my first role, and in having the chance to watch the candidate succeed and eventually be promoted to management – I felt like I had found the right candidate for the job. He was very grateful and thanked me for believing in him. 

As time passed I got the travel bug, and decided to follow my dream to travel the world. My journey took me from Europe to Australia – it was an amazing experience.

After my exciting life abroad, I came back to Toronto ready to pursue my recruiting career. I landed myself a 3-month temporary role in the financial industry, and ended up staying there for over 2 years…I guess they liked me! Having the opportunity to work closely with Management, I was able to understand the priority of filling vacant roles for a company – as it directly impacts their bottom line. I was then able to see the type of impact I have on an organization by putting the right person in the right place.

Moving forward in my career, I found myself recruiting in the media/advertising world. I was instrumental in expanding the sales force in Ontario and Manitoba, by combining my passion and previous sales recruitment experience. This allowed me to provide immediate results – I was a natural fit. My previous Manager Kristin Condon, who made the transition over to Sales Talent Agency, had put the little bird in my ear, to make my own transition over to the agency world. She knew just how much enthusiasm and passion I have for recruitment. I’m excited to be part of an integral organization like Sales Talent Agency.

For the love of sales!