Kaitlyn Tissington-Turner


I have always been passionate about people.

From a young age, I pursued involvements that allowed me to work with and help others grow and achieve success. I studied Psychology and Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver to further my understanding of individuals and the systems that impact their lives. I enjoyed a variety of roles in student affairs where I helped build communities and was co-editor for an online publication that produced high-quality content for women on campus. I had equal passion for my studies and varied extracurricular involvements and was unsure of how to turn all of these passions into a career, so I made the decision to move to Toronto in pursuit of new challenges. I had hoped that by leaving my familiar home behind I would discover the next steps in my career.

After several months, I recalled a unique program at Queen’s University that I learned about a few years ago called the Graduate Diploma in Business. The program offers students the foundations of an MBA, and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to challenge myself, discover new careers, and bridge my education and work experiences. Through my studies I learned about the field of recruitment; a type of people-centred work that allowed me to leverage my understanding of people and skills in coaching to help others find professional success.

Through personal research I discovered the Sales Talent Agency and was excited by the opportunity to work with a highly skilled and talented team at a company with a track record of success. A well-timed conversation led me to the Executive Search Team where I am able to combine my skills in research and writing with my passion for people and career development every day that I go to work.

For the love of sales!