Kelsey Robinson


Even though I didn’t always know I wanted to be in sales, my parents sure did… when I got my first sales job at S-Trip! (Canada’s #1 Student Travel Company) my mom told me a story of how she always knew I would succeed in sales. When I was 4 years old, I collected fallen, rotting apples from the apple tree in my backyard and put them in my wagon to sell them door-to-door to our neighbours. My mom only found out when one of the neighbours called her. Apparently I actually made a few bucks – no one could say no to 4 year old me!

I’ve always had a passion for sales, but more specifically a passion for influencing and connecting with people. While studying at Queen’s University in Kingston, I worked as a server/bartender in which interacting with people was my day-to-day. In my last year at Queen’s, I was promoted to a Manager and got my first introduction into the business world. At the same time, I was also the S-Trip! Campus Manager for promoting the Class of 2013 Grad Trip down to Punta Cana. There were 520 people who signed up on the trip, and achieving this record-breaking result secured me my first full-time job at S-Trip! in Toronto.

Now as an Executive Search Consultant at Sales Talent Agency, I get to work with start-ups, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies to help them better find, attract, and choose exceptional sales leadership talent. I also have a very strong passion for technology and am lucky to be working with some of Canada’s top emerging tech companies.

On a more personal level, I love to travel, consider myself a quintessential “foodie”, am a netflix-addict, and love a great game of beach volleyball.

For the love of sales!