Max Folkins

Senior Account Manager, Toronto

Ever since I was able to talk I loved to do so. My parents still remind me about times when I was a toddler starting conversations with strangers to ask what their names were, or to show off my collection of Hot Wheels or baseball cards. I was curious about everything and I was not afraid to ask questions. This trait has stuck with me throughout my life; however, I have learned some restraint.

My curiosity took me over 2,600 miles from my hometown of Seattle to Kingston, Ontario to study applied economics at Queen’s University. My degree taught me how to view the world in a completely different way. I was, and still am, very interested in behavioural and macroeconomics – I like to analyze situations from the outside looking in.

After university, I returned to Seattle to start my career at Pitchbook Data as a research associate. At Pitchbook, I was responsible for calling C-Suite executives at companies across the world to ask about their company data. In nearly two years at Pitchbook, I had spoken with hundreds of CEOs and founders including the CEO of Lime, Youtuber Jake Paul, and professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. My work at Pitchbook helped me to land a similar job at a company called Hockeystick when I moved to Toronto.

Hockeystick is very similar to Pitchbook in terms of the company’s product, but the company is much smaller. I was still working in the private market data space – which I loved – but my role was less defined. I was a data analyst but I also created and wrote the newsletter and quarterly reports and managed investor clients. I also developed a strong knowledge of the private markets which I hope to write about in my own blog in the future.

Away from work, I love to travel, play guitar and drums, and watch my favourite baseball team the Seattle Mariners. I also love outdoorsy things like hiking, swimming, and fishing. On the weekends in Toronto (pre-COVID) you might find me watching a blues concert at Cameron House, playing pool with friends, or enjoying a pizza from Trattoria Taverniti in Little Italy. I am still new to the city so I can’t wait to get out and explore some more.