Samantha Boychuk

Senior Account Manager, Vancouver

I started in customer service and sales when I was 7 years old, working at my aunt and uncle’s Christmas store every holiday season. From the moment I started, I had a knack for talking to every person who walked through the door and helping them with their seasonal purchases. I loved being surrounded by new faces on a daily basis and every role I have thrived in since, allows me to utilize this skill – from sporting goods to selling door to door lawn aeration, to travel, I have always found a way to connect with the individuals I am working with and for.

In the past year, I have moved to Vancouver from Toronto so that I could be closer to a place surrounded by mountains and nature. I have always navigated through life motivated by my love of travel, exploration, and seeking new adventures and opportunities. 

After graduating from University with a degree in Psychology and Nutrition I spent the next 2.5 years living and travelling through Africa and Europe; I have lived in multiple cities within Canada, as well as three other countries. These experiences have helped foster my love of people and connection, which guide my choices in both my personal, and professional life.

I thought I had found my dream role working within the travel industry as a Sales Consultant for the past 3.5 years. As the current pandemic forced the world to shift, I also had to find a way to adapt to the new reality. In searching for a new role, I connected with Sales Talent Agency and almost instantly knew it was where I wanted my next adventure to begin. I look forward to the ability to be in a dynamic position where I am constantly meeting new people and helping them on their professional journeys.

When I am not working, you can find me on a mountain with friends, travelling domestically (until the world opens up again), and enjoying the incredible food and beverage scene Vancouver offers. 

For the love of sales!