Sarah Gowdy

Operations Specialist, Vancouver

Over ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to interview for Sales Talent Agency’s first non-recruiting role, a sales and marketing coordinator, with co-founder Jamie Scarborough. Jamie knew the exponential growth that the company had experienced in its first two years warranted some additional non-recruiting support, and he agreed that I would be a good fit for the opportunity. 

STA had just eight employees at the time, and my newly created position gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills and create and develop my own role within the company. I was able to identify the key needs of my colleagues and of the business, and create efficient and effective processes that helped contribute to the overall success of the business. 

As the years progressed and our team continued to grow, so did my role. I became responsible for all operations including: onboarding new employees, technical support, payroll, accounts receivable and payables, maintenance of both our Vancouver and Toronto offices, benefits, vendor agreements, etc. I’m thankful for the trust Jamie and Sonya Meloff, another of STA’s co-founders, had in me to take on and manage all of these responsibilities.

I was eventually promoted to director of operations and went on to hire my first direct report. I was thrilled to have assistance, and even more excited to train and mentor someone. Having this support was essential, as I went on to get married and take three maternity leaves. STA has always held a door open for me to return, and I am delighted to be back helping this amazing team as an operations specialist!