Sonya Meloff



I always loved recruiting.

I’m not sure if it’s the challenge that I enjoy, or the feeling you get when you know you’ve made a real difference in a person’s life.

Having started in Calgary as a contract engineering recruiter, I’ll never forget the time I found a resume on the fax machine (yes, fax) of a Senior VP at an international oil & gas company. He had recently been laid off due to restructuring. The resume was 10 pages long, and you could tell he had not touched it in perhaps 20 years. Nobody at the office was interested in tackling his case, but I figured I had nothing to lose and gave the guy a call.

And what a call it ended up being.

Though he had a proven track record of success in his field, he didn’t have the first idea of where to start in his career hunt, he didn’t understand his value in the marketplace, and he was terrified at the thought of negotiating his own salary.

I was excited to help!

After working together for a few months, and with the help of others in the office, we found him that perfect role and, from what I hear, he’s still in that role nearly 10 years later.

Four years of recruiting led me to join an advertising agency where I sold recruitment advertising services to companies and employers. It was a side of the recruitment business that I loved and I learned so much from understanding the employer’s side of the recruiting process. Just when everything started to shift online, I was recruited by Monster to sell their online recruitment services – and I jumped at the opportunity!

Working at Monster is when I really began to thrive in sales. Quotas were tough and competition was fierce. We were taught to be disciplined in sales and studied and practiced all aspects of a professional and successful sales process. I loved working with companies and helping them solve their recruitment challenges by leveraging the power of the Web. Using my experience in recruitment, I launched the Canadian staffing agency division and worked closely with hundreds of recruiting firms in Canada.

Once Jamie left, I was named Sales Person of the Year.

But it wasn’t enough and I missed recruiting.

Today I am one of the owners of Sales Talent Agency. A Canadian company that finds quality sales people excellent sales roles. I am looking forward to meeting every professional sales person in Canada and helping to make a difference in their life. I am also looking forward to helping companies connect with quality sales people to ensure they meet their objectives.

Working with Sales feels so natural, and I love being back in the recruiting seat.

For the love of sales!