Truzanne Perrin


Born and raised in South Africa and immigrating to Canada at age 11 has taught me from a very young age the meaning of adaptation. Landing in Saskatchewan at a bone chilling -30 degrees, knowing only a few basic phrases in English and never seeing snow in my life, would definitely classify as a bit of a curve ball. But who said that opportunity ever came without challenges? 

Consequently, these challenges and victories are exactly what drive my thirst for accomplishment in both my personal and professional life. 

After graduating with my Bachelor of Commerce degree my competitive nature and desire to work in a fast pace environment pointed me directly to a sales career. However, it wasn’t until after I discovered recruitment, that I really found my knack. Recruitment had merged two of my passions: sales and people. 

Outside of work, you can find me exploring Vancouver’s amazing backyard; snowboarding, running the seawall, and trying new restaurants with friends and family.

For the love of sales!