Sales & Customer Success Alignment: Creating a Winning Partnership

Tension between Sales and Customer Success teams can be a common challenge at high-growth companies. 

Traditionally, these teams have operated in silos, even though so much of what they do is connected. Inconsistencies between these units regarding the customer experience are considered almost status quo, but could lead to serious issues such as lost deals, higher churn, team turnover, negative company culture, and inevitably missed revenue targets. 

But, when these teams align and work as a collective, the results can be spectacular which means one of the biggest questions for revenue leaders has to be:

How do you create a relationship between Customer Success and Sales where they work together to make each other stronger and more effective in their roles, and ultimately win and retain more business?

So, to help shed light on what to do and more importantly, what not to do, we brought together a panel of CS and Sales Leaders including Jocelyn Brown (SVP Customers & Revenue at Allocadia), Greg Elliott (VP, Customer Experience at Loopio), and Chris Bondarenko (VP of Sales at Docebo), moderated by Netty Kim-Hull (Executive Search Consultant at Sales Talent Agency) to share their best practices for developing a synergistic partnership that delights customers throughout the full customer journey.