Press Release: The Great Canadian Sales Competition Looks to Curb Unemployment Rate for New Graduates

Google, Facebook, Dell and other billon companies sponsor The Great Canadian Sales Competition, the largest national sales contest for University and College students in 2015. Why? Canada’s students are faced with a challengingly high unemployment rate that is twice the national average, and they rarely consider sales a potential career path despite it being one of the fastest growing roles nationally.  At the same time, companies are struggling to find educated and talented sales professionals. This innovative competition educates young Canadians on sales as a career option, and connects them with potential employers for mutual success. With students graduating with an average of $27,000 of debt, finding a well-paid job after graduation is essential. This is particularly daunting when faced with an extremely high unemployment rate for Canada’s youth. Compounding the issue is that students are typically focused on the same career options: marketing, finance, engineering, and a few others. This creates increased demand for the same open roles. With sales and revenue growth the most critical requirement of all Canadian businesses, companies are struggling to attract high-quality young candidates to their sales forces. The simple truth: sales is not being considered as a desirable career path, despite it providing exceptional earning power and opportunity.

About The Great Canadian Sales Competition

The Great Canadian Sales Competition is a 3-Round Competition that looks to educate students on sales as a career, and actively connects many of Canada’s best employers. Round 1 of The Great Canadian Sales Competition is open until January 31st, 2015 and involves post-secondary students pitching anything they want in a 30-90 second video pitch. The sponsors of The Great Canadian Sales Competition will select the top 25% to participate in Round 2 which will run from January 31st- February 16th. The top 25% will be tasked with pitching one of the sponsor’s products and/or services to a potential buyer. Sponsors will collaborate and choose the top 10 for The Final Round, where the main event is to open up a sales call in front of a panel of judges and sponsors. The Top 10 will win a paid trip to Toronto, the chance to land their dream job and between $500-5,000. Learn more about The Great Canadian Sales Competition at: