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Sales Talent Agency is Waterloo's leading B2B sales recruitment company. We are a full-service agency with a range of offerings to meet your sales recruitment needs. We work on roles at all levels, across industries including Executive Search placements. We will Find, Attract and Choose top sales talent for your organization within 3-6 business days and support the sales recruitment process at all stages.


Launched in September of 2007, our roster of clients include Waterloo start-ups as well as many of the largest brands across industries (Shopify, TouchBistro, Turnstyle, IBM, Purolator, Grand & Toy and Hootsuite). Each year we meet and interact with over 10,000 sales people across North America. Our clients meet the very best. 

Notable Accolades:

  • 2014 - PROFIT 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada

  • 2015 - Launched The Great Canadian Sales Competition

  • 2015 - PROFIT 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada

  • 2016 - PROFIT 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada

  • 2017 - PROFIT 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada

  • 2018 - PROFIT 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada

Over the past 11+ years we have: 

  • Facilitated sales hires with base salaries ranging from $50,000 - $90,000

  • Successfully placed sales roles in Kitchener & Waterloo in a vast majority of industries including professional services sales, media sales, medical & pharmaceutical sales, technology and software sales, transportation and logistic sales, finance sales, industrial sales and consumer packaged good sales.


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