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Over the last 11+ years, Sales Talent Agency has established a reputation as the hardest working, most knowledgeable and well-networked sales recruitment company in Seattle. We have successfully helped more than 1000 companies hire top-performing sales professionals throughout North America - from aggressive sales hunters to account managers, sales managers and sales executives - including: American Express, Hootsuite, Shopify and Purolator. We excel because:

  • We have the best candidate network. In 2018 alone, we met and analyzed more than 16,000 sales professionals and have engaged with more than 150,000 salespeople since our 2007 launch

  • We use the very best sales recruitment tools and technologies, and take a sales-centric approach to recruitment, expertly positioning our clients as employers of choice to the best candidates in the market.

  • We typically present quality candidates within 3-10 business days from the project launch.

  • We developed a proven candidate analysis methodology called DNA/PRO™ that ensures every candidate we present has a high probability of success for our clients. In fact, 80% of the candidates we place achieve 90-200% of their first year sales target.

  • We write a regular sales leadership advice column for PROFITGuide and in 2017 published The Definitive Sales Salary Guide to help employers attract and retain top talent.

Over the past 11+ years we have successfully placed sales roles in Seattle in a vast majority of industries including professional services sales, media sales, medical & pharmaceutical sales, technology and software sales, transportation and logistic sales, finance sales, industrial sales and consumer packaged good sales. 


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