How HR Professionals Can Equip Their Sales Teams For Success

Did you know that the average tenure of a sales representative is approximately a year and a half? Or that sales team turnover rates are 27% – twice the rate of the overall labor force. These numbers cannot be ignored and as leaders for the advancement of employee engagement in your organization, HR has a responsibility to address these challenges.

Join WorkTango and Asad Zaman, CEO at Sales Talent Agency, as they explored how to prepare HR with the knowledge and know-how to help grow, retain, and equip sales teams for cultural and organizational success. In this session you will learn:

  1. How to FIND the qualified sales managers you need to talk to
  2. How to ATTRACT sales managers and position your company as an employer of choice
  3. What tools you can provide your Sales Managers to help CHOOSE the best salespeople for their specific needs
  4. How your Sales Managers can EQUIP their salespeople throughout their first 3 years of employment
  5. How you can help your Sales Managers improve their weaknesses