Mastering the Virtual: Expert Advice on Hiring and Selling in This Remote World

96% of sales teams across the globe have fully or partially shifted to remote selling, creating a monumental change in the way that sales organizations now hire, onboard, train, coach, and sell. In fact, 65% of sales leaders are saying this new model is equally or more effective than what they were doing before the pandemic. Thus indicating that remote selling is here to stay. 

That said, few organizations have truly mastered this new selling environment…

One of the best ways that organizations can learn to master this new status quo is to share information and learnings with each other. So, to better understand the best practices for building sales teams and navigating the sales process virtually, we partnered with an expert panel of revenue leaders for a live panel discussion.


Key Takeaways:

13:00 – More than ever before, candidates are looking for balance and flexibility in their work. With that in mind, in order to attract the best to our organizations, we need to give respect and appreciation towards the other things in their lives. As long as the organization as a whole is focused on being productive and driving results, the flexibility of our employee’s work schedules shouldn’t matter. 

22:55 – The ability to learn from osmosis in virtual sales is not available in the same way as it was in the office. Which, in turn, has affected onboarding and ramp-up time for sales and customer success. Organizations can implement buddy systems, increased check-ins, and knowledge sharing to help speed up this process.

35:20 – Both sellers and buyers have had to get accustomed to virtual sales. Some best practices for effectively selling in this environment include setting explicit expectations, engaging with every buyer present, and having interactive pit stops throughout your meetings.

41:00 – There are tons of ways organizations can use video in their sequences to create more momentum in their sales process. Companies that are looking to get the most out of video should understand any pain points in their deal cycle, and implement video where those issues are arising.