The Future of HR: Where Organizations Should Focus Their Strategy for 2022 and Beyond

The global pandemic has accelerated one of the greatest workplace transformations that we’ve seen in decades. It has changed where we work, how we work, how we learn, and how we communicate and connect with one another.

With that in mind, organizations like McKinsey, Deloitte, and Forbes are forecasting how this new remote normal will affect Human Resource professionals and organizations in 2022. From non-competes to workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, to natural language processing solutions, there are plenty of trends and changes being predicted for the year. This means that Human Resources and Talent teams will have to rethink their strategies for 2022 to cope with this major workplace transformation.

On December 15th, our Chief Customer Officer, Kristin Condon, hosted a panel of HR experts including Andrea Peattie, Vice President of People Operations at Versapay, Sean Sweet, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at Telus, and Peter Rajabian, Managing Partner & Founder at Vaco Toronto, to discuss how organizations can rethink their strategies and choose where their focus should lie for 2022.


Key Takeaways:

Takeaway 1 – Many trends related to people strategy in 2022 are aligned to the war for talent. From a candidate recruitment perspective, organizations should ensure they have a really strong employment value proposition, a well thought out and clear job description, and aim to deliver a phenomenal experience throughout the entire process.

Takeaway 2 – Throughout 2021 we’ve seen an uptick in gig workers and the contract market. While there are many benefits to this, risks include cultural fit and expectations, fair salary and compensation equity, and intellectual property protection.

Takeaway 3 – Understanding the younger worker has been listed as a top trend for 2022 by various reputable organizations. Business leaders should focus on their organization’s engagement and talent management strategies to help them better navigate the multi-generational workplace.

Takeaway 4 – Mental health and employee wellness have taken a big leap forward in 2021 and will continue to stay as a top priority in 2022. Continually reviewing employee wellness strategies and processes is key to ensuring the best are in place. 

Takeaway 5 – Top talent can work from anywhere and will choose to work for an organization that gives them a great, personalized experience. In order for organizations to achieve this, they must shift their mindset and have employee success at the heart of everything they do. This will allow for better onboarding, benefits programs, user experience, and learning/development.