Turning Data Into Actionable Insights to Supercharge Sales

Amidst the global pandemic, organizations have pivoted to a new way of buying and selling from each other where digital, remote selling has become the norm.

This means that those that can leverage tech in an elite manner will have a competitive advantage in this environment. Companies who have mastered it have better win rates, optimize sales cycles and deal sizes, have higher productivity per rep and, in turn, have lower turnover.

Unfortunately, this is an area that many companies struggle with. In fact, only 53% of organizations are confident in their CRM data and only 47% see a high ROI from their data and intelligence. 

This is clearly an area of opportunity for sales organizations. In partnership with CPSA and Lighthouse Labs, our very own Asad Zaman, hosted a live panel discussion with Shannon (Millar) Hopkins (BetterUp), and Navin Persaud (1Password) to better understand how sales teams can leverage and turn data into actionable insights.