5 Reasons Sales is The Best Job for Women


My friend who is about to have a baby was humming and hawing about what her plans will be after she returns from mat leave.  The thought of leaving both her kids at home and returning to her rigid full-time job was daunting. Whenever women complain to me about their jobs, I always tell them to go in to sales. Yes, I do love sales – it’s fun, challenging and rewarding.  But more importantly, it is the most flexible and high paying role within any organization.  And if you are good at it, (some are naturally, some have to learn), the rewards are plenty, and you will always be employed.

Here are my Top 5 reasons why sales is the best job for women!

1. Money — I don’t know about you, but life is expensive (hello baby wipes), and I like nice things.

2. Flexible Hours — Yes, you can drop the kids off (if you want to), pick them up (if you want to) and go to their concerts and see them shine (of course you want to), all while holding down a full time job.  If you bring in the numbers, nobody cares when you come and go.

3. Confidence — Nothing gives you more confidence than being a rainmaker.  Make yourself valuable to your clients and your organization, and you will never feel vulnerable in your life!

4. Independence — once you prove yourself in sales, nobody will care to hover over you again. You will have the independence to come and go as you please … sure, go shopping in the middle of the day – you’ve earned it!

5. Excuse to shop — you’re meeting with clients, you MUST look good!

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