5 Tips for Getting Sales Leads



Are you not selling because you have no one to sell to? Simple solution – get hunting! It is easy to say that you are out of leads and admit defeat – but the separation from a good-to-great sales person lies in the dedication to seek out opportunities when opportunities seem slim. Here are a few ways to make something out of nothing when it seems like no new leads are coming your way.

Search in new places

Are you trying to find a needle in a haystack? Rather than searching aimlessly for prospective clients in an exhausted resource it’s time to expand your horizons: search industry websites, Google competitors of your current clients… If there is a rock you are not lifting, get heaving!

Leverage your network

Have you ever considered that new leads exist in your old leads? By connecting with past and current clients (and sometimes even your competition) you can investigate who else in the market may need or want what you’re selling. Don’t forget by speaking with your friends, family and general peer group you can sometimes generate new leads in unexpected places!

Get creative

Remember that old saying “think outside the box,” well when this excuse creeps up there’s no better time to do just that! It may be time to reconsider or readjust whom you are hunting for – that’s where a little creativity comes in. Start asking yourself – who else may need or want what I have to sell? Get imaginative and you may find that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

Bang on doors

The fact of the matter may just be that no new leads are coming because you have stopped trying. Any good sales person knows that sitting back until a client comes to you is sales suicide. Pick up the phone, visit a prospective clients office, or send out an email – the ball is in your court!

Don’t procrastinate

There are a million ways to occupy your time as a sales person: researching potential clients; servicing existing clients; building spreadsheets and presentations… Spend at least 50% of your day focused on new business development and make it your #1 priority. You will thank us when your T4 shows up!