How to write a sales resume


You are looking for a great sales role, so it is critical that your resume highlight your key achievements as they pertain to your sales career. Some of the key metrics you should add for each sales role include:

  • Quota and performance against quota for all roles
  • Vertical Industries called on (i.e. public sector, financial, health care)
  • Type of accounts called on (Small Medium Business, Fortune 100, Fortune 50, Fortune 500)
  • Products/Solutions sold 
  • % of sales as hunter (new account development role) versus farmer (account management role)
  • Experience leveraging channel partners and resellers
  • Average sale size, Average sale cycle, transactional vs. consultative, etc.
  • Level called on within accounts (CIO, CEO, CTO, procurement)
  • Territory (geographic? major accounts? channel partners?)

Other things to consider including in your resume:

For each company that you have worked at, provide a brief description of what that company does/sells and an understanding of their size (i.e. personnel, # of offices and revenues).  Include: Your title, who you reported to (VP, Sales) and what you sold (print & online advertising solutions) and whom to (company GM’s, marketing executives).

1. Key metrics to highlight:

Total number of accounts opened annually

Year-over-year account revenue growth (grew portfolio base 20% in ’06, 15% in ’05, etc.)

Average quota attainment (i.e. 2004 – 105%, 2005 – 115%, 2006 – 125%, etc)

Renewal rates

2. Accomplishments:

Closed largest ever order for company

Opened most new accounts annually/monthly

3. Highlight Key Awards/Trips:

Year and Name of Award (i.e. 2006- Top Sales Person)

2004 & 2005 – Won company sales trip to St.Lucia & Mexico

4. List any/all relevant educationa and/or sales training courses

See here for a resume example.

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