How to dress for an interview


  1. In the entire history of Sales Talent Agency we have NEVER had a client reject a candidate because they were “over-dressed”, but have had lots of candidates rejected because they were too casually dressed. You should be going for a clean, professional look—every time!
  2. No matter what the role or the company (blue-collar, white collar or trendy ad agency), you should always wear a suit (or equivalent) to an interview
  3. Make sure your clothes are pressed, your hair is neat and tidy, your fingernails are spotless, there is nothing between your teeth, you are clean shaven and your breath is fresh
  4. DO NOT WEAR perfume or cologne—no matter how many people have told you how great it smells on you! It can be extremely distracting to certain people and especially in small office spaces. You should look and smell clean. That means no sweat, no cigarettes, no perfumes. NO EXCEPTIONS

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