Citron Hygiene EVP of Sales and Marketing, Alison Mahoney, talks about understanding your role and growth in an organization

Alison Mahoney, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Citron Hygiene, emphasizes the importance of each team member understanding the value of their role within an organization in order to grow the team and business as a whole.

This interview spoke much about the importance of drive, hunger, and an understanding of what it takes to be successful as key indicators of potential in salespeople. Alison focuses on making sure each member of her team understands their position and that without their efforts, that she would not be able to make her business as successful as it could be.

This is also indicative of company culture – acknowledging employee contributions, making sure employees know leadership is there for them, promoting those with coaching personality traits or re-evaluating compensation for more autonomous workers, connecting tenured employees with the newer employees for training purposes, and creating a work structure, but also allowing the flexibility to not have to directly work within this structure – are all ways Citron remains attractive to employees in order to increase employee longevity.

The biggest takeaway? Challenging your employees to think of themselves as a business within a business and having them ask themselves; would you make this decision if this was your company?


By Ana Pesic

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