How to Bond With Your Interviewer


The interviewer acts as the gatekeeper – they are who decides whether or not you get to the next stage. That is why ensuring that you are able to create a positive relationship with your interviewer is KEY. You can have perfect answers for all your interviewer’s questions, but if they aren’t jiving with you than those answers will lose value very quickly. We came across this very useful article on 6 major ways to bond with your interviewer –and they are definitely doable!

“How to Bond With Your Interviewer”

by David Clough

When it comes to landing a job, developing positive rapport with your interviewer is almost a necessity. Sure, it’s possible to get hired even if you’re anti-social – provided you have the right skills under the right circumstances – but it’s more likely that “unlikable” that candidates will find themselves shelved in a recruiter’s contacts or buried under a hiring manager’s stack of resumes.

You greatly increase your odds of receiving a job offer if you can make a strong social impression, so why not make the extra effort? Recruiters and hiring managers are just regular people – emotional creatures that crave personal connections. If you want to ace your next job interview, use these interview tips on the next go round.

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