Navigating Turbulence: How HR Leaders Can Help Businesses Get Through This Tough Economic Climate

COVID-19 is impacting every aspect of our lives including how our employees feel, what we can expect of them during this period, and what they need from their leaders to feel engaged and supported. HR professionals have a very important role to play in helping their business leaders understand the needs of their teams during this period which is why we have decided to bring a panel of experts together for our next webcast to provide their experiences and advice on how HR professionals can support their employees and business leaders in this, particularly challenging environment.

This webinar addresses multiple stages within the journey; from the organizational response, dealing with the remote work environment, addressing employees’ psychological health & Safety, and return to work considerations. The panel included an HR leader, a Chief Growth Officer, and a Psychological Wellness expert so that we could get a 360 degree perspective on what our employees are feeling and how best to support them during this period.