7 Benefits of Using Headhunters for Sales Positions

By Sonya Meloff

Regardless of business type, you need top sales talent if you want to maximize your revenues and open the door to continued and even explosive growth going forward. Finding the best help, however, to enable you to achieve your lofty goals is far from easy—when you try to do it on your own. One of the most effective ways to make optimal sales hires is to first hire headhunters for sales positions you are looking to fill. 7 of the top benefits of using professional headhunters for sales positions openings are as follows:

You achieve greater efficiency

Efficiency involves many things. In this context, it means you spend less time and money searching for new sales talent, while still finding what you need. A professional headunter saves your business time, allowing you to focus on other tasks, rather than sifting through countless resumes. While you may be concerned about the cost of using a recruiter, consider this: The average cost to recruit just one managerial and professional employee costs near $7,000.

You access a vast database

Through headhunters for sales positions, you gain access to a voluminous talent pool from which “headhunter staff” can select the best matches for your business needs. It would be almost impossible to comb through such a huge number of candidates by simply posting a for-hire ad and holding interviews on your own.

You get the cream of the crop

 The staff of sales recruiting agencies is often composed of people who themselves have deep sales experience. They know how to vet candidates and limit the options they present to their clients to “only the best.” On average, sales roles filled through a talent agency outperform those filled some other way and outperform your expectations as well.

You scour the continent

Top sales headhunter organizations will not only have a large and diverse database of top talent, but they will also cover a wide swath of territory. Every Canadian province and the whole of North America can be mined for the talent you need.

You keep your talent longer

Most new recruits found through headhunting operations remain with their new company for at least a full year following first hire. Many will be willing to continue with you even longer—perhaps permanently. Your odds of filling positions long-term are higher with talent agencies, which saves you yet more of your valuable time.

You form valuable relationships

In the business world, as elsewhere, building relationships is part of how you succeed. The longer you work with the same recruitment agency, the better you get to know each other, how your business works, and exactly what type of candidates you need to make your business operate more smoothly.

You get the edge on your competitors

 One of the biggest benefits of using headhunters for sales positions is that you get ahead of the competition when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. Headhunters allow you to snap up your industry’s best minds before your competitors do!

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