How to Choose a Recruiter & Develop a Great Relationship


When looking for a recruiter for your company, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Finding the right employees is one of the most essential parts of any business, and without outstanding hires, you will not be successful. That is why knowing how to choose a recruiter is so important. There is no shortage of recruiting agencies to choose from and all of them want your business. Part of learning how to choose a recruiter is finding the best fit for your company. The best recruiter may not be the largest one, or the one with the best advertising campaign. With the following tips, you will be able to match your company with a recruiter that understands your unique needs and finds the best hires possible to fill your employment openings.

1 . Ask For References

When interviewing new employees, asking for references is quite common, and for higher level positions, expected. When selecting a recruiting agency, ask for references from other clients. When verifying these references, ask about the services provided and most importantly – would they hire the recruiting agency again?

2. Check Their Reputation

A good reputation goes both ways. A good recruiter will attract the best candidates and be able to find ones that fit your company’s needs. However, a bad recruiter with a bad reputation will be avoided by the best candidates, since those with in demand skills will not waste their time doing business with them.

3. Ability to Build Trust with Candidates

A recruiter who can build a trusting, working relationship with their candidates is one you want to hire. Not only does this mean that they can build a good relationship with your company, but they can also convince the best candidates that your company is worth considering for employment. Remember that the best candidates can be quite picky with whom they choose to work for.

4. Verification of Candidates

When selecting a recruiter, make sure they are representing their candidates fairly. When a candidate sends their information to a recruiter, the recruiter has to get permission to present them to companies as available for openings. Simply sending out mass collected resumes shows they are not in contact with their clients and do not care about finding a good fit for candidates or businesses.

5. Ability to Fill Hard to Fill Jobs

Many companies turn to recruiters for their most difficult to fill jobs. Some positions require unique skills or experience that can be difficult to locate. Depending on your local business market, finding such a person may require time and resources that you do not have available to you. That’s why recruiters are so valuable. So when considering a recruiter service, ask for examples of hard to fill jobs they have successfully recruited for.

6. Diversity

In the modern workforce, diversity is valued for the multitude of advantages and unique insights it offers businesses. When thinking about how to choose a recruiter, make sure they are diverse in their candidate pool to assure you’re getting the best candidates available from a multitude of backgrounds.

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