CEO, Paul Teshima, talks to the importance of building relationships and a successful sales strategy

Paul Teshima, CEO, provides insight on the importance of building/nurturing professional sales relationships and shares how his 2014 Toronto tech startup developed a successful sales team and sales strategy. is a relationship intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence to find actionable insights on prospects and helps salespeople manage/measure their relationships with clients. When engaging with prospects or nurturing relationships with current clients, Paul believes that sales professionals should focus on lead quality over lead quantity. He states that 84% of sales start with a referral, so it’s critical to maintain business relationships to create warm leads, and it’s imperative to have relevant and insightful information about your prospects to increase your chances of forming a partnership with cold leads.

When it comes to building a sales team, Paul says that sales leaders should ask for guidance when faced with uncertainty. He implemented advice from experienced consultants, which led him to structure his sales team by first evaluating whether he needed salespeople who exhibit more of a hunter or gatherer profile.

Additional characteristics that Paul looks for in great sales hires are that they are entrepreneurial, follow a sales process, and have the ability to draw information from clients. These points along with many other insights that Paul learned while building his startup are discussed in this 26-minute podcast.




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