TradeGecko, VP of Global Sales, Stephen Defina, speaks to building a profitable organization

Stephen Defina, Vice President of Global Sales at TradeGecko, emphasizes that in order to build a profitable organization you need to understand your organization’s growth map.

 This allows you to find the right units to measure growth and determine if you are getting closer to completing your mission. One key piece of advice from Stephen was that you should not be looking for “sales reps”, but should be looking for problem solvers. At its core, your team should consist of individuals with high character, integrity, resiliency and intelligence.

To attract candidates to your opportunity, you need to focus on technology and where the company wants to go, this way the candidate sees how their role fits into the big picture. You need to be transparent on what works and doesn’t in the role, as well as have a defined job profile prior to beginning your search.

Excellent managers will use data, as opposed to emotion when guiding their team. A key point is that you need to consider how individuals fit into management when promoting from within. It’s always great to have a healthy mix of external and internally-promoted managers to lead your team. This way your organization can gain the perspective from leaders who come from diverse backgrounds, opposed to leaders who were all trained by the same individuals.



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