How to choose your next sales rep and equip them for success

BY Amanda Rootenberg

For every sales person that gets hired there is a business owner or hiring manager who wants to make more money and get a bigger share of their market. That goal is constant. The results are not. Why do some sales hires turn into top performers that are instrumental in growing your business, while others turn into money-bleeding busts? More importantly: how can you ensure your sales hires are successful?

Like almost everything you do in life and in business, there is a right way and a wrong way. Doing things the right way will not always mean success. Doing things the wrong way will not always mean failure. But if you make 100 sales hires the right way, you will guarantee your company a distinct competitive edge, while making the same number of hires the wrong way will almost certainly mean disaster.

As Canada’s best sales recruitment company, Sales Talent Agency has had the unique opportunity to play a very intimate role in the hiring and on-boarding of thousands of business-to-business sales reps with companies ranging from global giants to high-potential start-ups. Over the last 5 years we have learned some incredible lessons that have not only helped our clients make better hiring and on-boarding decisions, but have also helped us make better hires for our own company (Sales Talent Agency is consistently recognized for having the best recruiters in the industry). And now we are sharing those best practices with you.

So if you represent a company that has made some questionable sales hires, has high sales-employee turnover, has open sales roles, OR is just looking to achieve its revenue potential, we offer some essential and previously unshared expertise on how to choose your next sales rep and equip them for success.

This presentation includes:

  1. What specific traits to look for in a new sales rep
  2. How to identify those traits on a resume, in interviews, and in evaluation exercises
  3. What kind of sales talent you can get for your employment offering
  4. 10 essentials (and 10 “nice to haves”) that your sales rep needs to maximize their results

To book Jamie Scarborough – co-founder of Sales Talent Agency – to talk at a company meeting, conference or business networking event, please contact us. The presentation is approximately 45 minutes, with 15-30 minutes additional for questions. It can be tailored towards leaders from different businesses, hiring managers from the same company, and other key hiring influencers like HR and recruitment professionals. For more information, please see our fees and offerings.