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What to look for when hiring a Sales Development Representative


When looking to hire a top performing Business Development Representative (BDR) or Sales Development Representative (SDR), we use our DNA/PRO™ methodology to find individuals who are hungry to learn and eager to jumpstart their sales career.

Business Development Representatives and Sales Development Representatives are typically roles in an early sales career focusing on generating new client leads. A SDR focuses on prospecting outbound leads while a BDR focuses on qualifying inbound marketing leads. Neither one is responsible for closing business. Instead, their aim is to move qualified leads through the pipeline to those who are more experienced closing business.

Sales Talent Agency has 11+ years of sales recruitment expertise, placing hundreds of Sales Development Representatives and Business Development Representatives across North America. In the last 2 years alone, we’ve placed 137 reps across 61 companies and facilitated $6 million in BDR/SDR salaries.

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