6 Tips to Help You Own Your Next Interview


With so much competition for great jobs, winning that interview is almost a job in itself. If it comes down to you and another great candidate, you never know what small detail will make the difference.

We caught up with Jamie Scarborough, Co-founder of Canada’s largest sales recruitment company and the Great Canadian Sales Competition, to understand exactly what those small details are so you can own them and nail the interview.

Having connected hundreds of employers with the most qualified people across the country, from junior executives to vice presidents, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about getting your foot in the door.

And keeping it there.

Here’s are Jamie’s tips to help you become more than just the words on your CV:

1. Enter the Building as if it’s the Interview Room

The other candidates will walk in the main door wearing their heavy coats, hat and snow boots expecting the opportunity to prepare before they meet their interviewer – while your first impression will be a neatly pressed suit, a big smile, and a tidy, professional appearance.

2. Be OVER Prepared

Every other candidate will have read the company’s website and the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile. You are going to impress by also coming in with a written plan of how you are going to quickly ramp up and be a top contributor.

3. Bring Your “Brag Book”

While your competition only has their resume with them, you will have a binder filled with certificates of achievement, awards, and glowing references that show you are a top performer at everything you do.

4. Show Undeniable Energy and Enthusiasm

While the others play it cool and aloof, you are going to make it clear that this is the job and company for you. Be upbeat and eager throughout, never letting tough feedback deflate you.

5. Go for the Close

Confirm next steps in the interview process and, once confirmed, ask directly: Is there any reason why you would not foresee me moving forward in the interview process? (This is your opportunity to face objections right then and there.)

6. Follow Up Like a Boss

Your competition will send thank-you emails. You are going to succinctly reiterate your enthusiasm and outline what you bring to the table. Check mate.