Case Study: Hiring Your First Chief Revenue Officer


The Result

How RIWI partnered with Sales Talent Agency to hire their Chief Revenue Officer.

The Challenge

RIWI is a world-leading data-tracking and predictive technology company. RIWI’s cloud-based, interactive global platform conducts continuous, privacy-compliant surveys and ad tests. This allows their clients to make improved decisions that have a greater impact on their business objectives. RIWI is growing its revenues at a double-digit pace, but unlike other disruptive technologies, RIWI is also growing its profits at an even faster rate. In fact, RIWI’s first two quarters of 2020 had revenue growth of 53% and year-over-year profit of 617%.

The executive team at RIWI has an ambitious goal of growing its top-line revenues at this consistent pace year-over-year. In order to achieve this goal, the team needed to bring in a Chief Revenue Officer who would be responsible for the go-to-market strategy, building world-class Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams, and establishing key strategic partnerships along the way.

This was going to be RIWI’s first time hiring a Sales Leader and the team wanted to make sure that it had a well thought out strategy to find, attract, choose and equip the right individual to join their executive team and take on this challenging role.

The Solution


The executive team at RIWI wanted to make sure they were equipped for success, so they engaged Sales Talent Agency (STA) to help them make this critical revenue leadership hire. STA’s first step was to develop a detailed understanding of RIWI’s business model and key strategic goals, and additionally help RIWI better understand the talent landscape and compensation ranges for the types of candidates they ideally wanted to target.

With a solid understanding of the market they were looking to tap into, and the key responsibilities for the role, RIWI, and Sales Talent Agency mapped out the ideal candidate profiles to target, the interview process and how to qualify those candidates based on the scorecard of competencies that the RIWI team was focused on. 

After working with RIWI to set up a strong foundation for the project, STA worked to identify candidates that would be a strong fit and within 14 days of launching the search, presented well-aligned candidates for the role.

The Result

Sales Talent Agency worked quickly with RIWI to help them make this critical hire. Their executive-level recruitment team identified 42 fully-qualified candidates, which led to 9 interviews by RIWI’s hiring team. Typical C-Level searches take 4-8 months on average, but, within 90 days of the project launching, RIWI hired their new Chief Revenue Officer.

To date, this hire has been an impressive addition to the RIWI team and within 5 months has: 

  • Established the foundation for their internal sales team, including a redevelopment of their KPIs and sales activities, which has helped improve their level of performance and effectiveness
  • Developed a more systemized and effective pricing and packaging structure for their product offerings
  • Developed and implemented a more targeted and successful digital marketing strategy
  • Built out a channel partnership strategy and hired a channel partner lead 
  • Working to hire and build a professional sales force

Since this project, STA and RIWI continue to partner to build their sales team.

“Hiring amazing people is always hard. The challenge rises in intensity when you’re in growth mode and you are hiring a hirer of people for the long-term. From day 1 of meeting the STA team, STA helped us mature as a sales-focused organization to ensure we get the people part – the essence of everything good in any business – right.”


– Neil Seeman, Chief Executive Officer at RIWI

“Netty (Executive Search Consultant) and the STA team were professional and value-add from the outset. STA was able to represent RIWI very well, and ensure all my questions were answered. To the same extent, STA was able to help negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome and set us all up for success.”


– Neil Weitzman, placed Chief Revenue Officer at RIWI