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Our not-so-secret sauce

(Our top three ingredients to get the job done)

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Our candidate assessment methodology

Make a great sales hire at any career level by analyzing these 6 criteria. Learn more.

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Find attract choose equip

Sales Talent Agency has identified the 4 critical components to consistently make great hires. We refer to it as F.A.C.E.™. Learn more.

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North America's B2B sales recruitment experts

We are experts who consistently solve recruitment challenges for business leaders. View the team!


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Pay per Hire

We only make a fee if you hire
one of our candidates, and every hire is guaranteed 

Pay per Interview

Enjoy a consistent flow of quality sales candidates, booked right into your calendar

Pay per Hour

Perfect if you have a big sales hiring project or want to outsource your entire sales recruitment

How much should salespeople get paid?


The question we have been asked most often by
employers over the past 10 years is how much they
should pay their salespeople.

The Definitive Sales Salary Guide explores both the
numbers and the variables that go into a salesperson’s choice
of employer. We used analytical data from more than 7,800
recruitment projects Sales Talent Agency has led over the
past 10 years to develop our philosophies, and in late 2016
we surveyed 4,860 sales professionals at all career
levels to develop the numbers that ultimately will help you
answer that all important question: “How much should I pay
my salespeople?” 

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